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Brad Jacoby



Mr. Jacoby founded Lone Star Circuits in 1985 and has served as its CEO since its inception. Under his guidance and leadership, Lone Star has grown from a one man operation into one of the premier printed circuit board manufacturing companies in North America. This remarkable story of success would not have been possible without his unrivaled commitment to producing the very best quality product and his complete dedication to doing the right thing for Lone Star’s customers and share holders.


Charles Floyed



Charles Floyed has been in banking for 32 years. He is currently the senior lending officer for a $400,000,000 privately owned bank in Plano, TX. His primary responsibilities have included business lending, industrial lending, real estate lending and community bank management. He has served on board committees including Lending, Compliance and Audit. He is also active in real estate investments and ranching. He is currently involved in the Plano and Lewisville Chamber of Commerce and is a Deacon of First Baptist Church of Lewisville. Charles received his Bachelors of Business Administration from Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, TX, and began his banking career with the Bank of A&M in College Station, TX. In 1984 Charles moved to the DFW area to be Executive Vice President of First City Bank of Lewisville, TX and has remained active in banking in the Metroplex since that time.


T. Presley Swagerty



Presley Swagerty, a former high school basketball coach at Lakeview Centennial High School in Garland, TX, where he sponsored the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, has always been an entrepreneur at heart. Mr. Swagerty has created and owned several businesses over the past 16 years. He is CEO and President of The Property Line, LLP, a real estate investment company. Additionally, Mr. Swagerty is President of Swagerty, Inc., President of Swagerty Energy, Ltd. and Vice-President of Swagerty Power, Ltd. , and serves on the board of each of these companies. Mr. Swagerty received his BA degree from the University of Texas at Arlington, and his Masters degree from Crescent City Christian College.


Ron Futrell